David Underhill: upside-down guitar / union gaffer 

Tom Busch: drums / producer

Faith Eskola: 5 string violin / art dept.

Connor Kuennen: bass / part-time wizard 


Riley Kragness: drums understudy / sound dept.

Our first show April '22 - SolSta Records 

Summertime = Palmer's patio* = A SUPER FUN EVENING / three bands - vocals x beer

Not a math nerd? We'll break it down for ya. WtR is honored to share an evening with You Bred Raptors? (NYC) and the Great Went. This is our most soundtrack-y show to date and your big chance to find out just how much non singing songs you can take! Relax. There will be plenty of beer on hand if you can't take it. ...we think you can though. ...man you're soooo coool!

7pm The Great Went~ Fans of David Lynch inspired by numerous post-rock, math-rock, and post-rock instrumental music.

8pm You Bred Raptors? An instrumental trio that got its start busking in the subways of NYC with the Music Under New York Program in 2010. The orchestral post rock band is comprised of cello, 8 string bass and drums. Think Primus meets Yo-Yo Ma. They recently played with Yoko Ono at the Museum of Modern Art, score independent horror films and are a house band for the Broadway show "Sleep No More."

9pm Whispered the Rabbit-


UK Pub Crawl #2

United Kingdom

Dublin to London and back again. Details to come.